How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Marketing Campaign

Are looking for exciting and new ways to grab your audience’s attention and promote your products and services? Would you like to know the tactics towing service  and other businesses use to share their product images and services and remain ahead of competition? This article presents an exciting read on how to use influencer marketing to boost your campaigns, build brand awareness and increase sales.

Research has shown 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family as compared to traditional advertising. If the audience of an influencer trusts and looks up to their recommendation, it will move your brand closer to achieving its marketing goals. Let’s see how to find the right influencers for your marketing campaigns.



Before you can look at unique visitors and other stats, it is important to look at how aligned the content from an influencer is, in relation to your message. You need to read through their archived posts to get a sense of what kind of consumers they have. Influencers will have categories, just the way you will have a niche for your products. Content and audience from an influencer is far more important than traffic.



The best influencers are those who would love your products organically. You may influencers who are already sharing and talking about you. In this regard, you can amplify their voice by sharing their reviews and sending them additional products to use. Engage with them in a conversation about how they can help spread word about your business.


Apart from engagement, you should also consider the reach. You should resist the urge of only looking at unique visitors as a measure of reach. However, look also for traffic and followers and the extent to which that influencer is reaching and interacting with your brands target audience. It is also important to consider any other social platforms your influencer posts on, and where their followers view the same content as well. Also, understand that some social media platforms will deliver better results than others.


Bigger is not always better

You should never be worried about the number of followers on a potential influencers account. Instead, focus on whether or not people are liking and keeping a constant engagement with their posts. See if they are commenting and sharing the content. Ask key questions about the products they are using. These all present a great sign that a particular influencer would make a good brand representative and influencer.


Work within your budget

Before you can go down chasing the likes of Kim Kardashian, consider your budget. The cost of acquiring an influencer for your products will vary from one to next, and very few would would be willing to work for free. Consider the ideal partnership you want to create with them whether it is a product trade a set fee per post, sales commission, etc, and set a budget before contacting them. Ensure you engage them in a partnership and not just a transaction. Look and work with those influencers whose followers trust them and turn to for advice.

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