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Tips for Staying Productive Working from Home

Those of you who know the joy and freedom of working from home, whether you are self-employed, telecommuting or freelancing, also know the pain of procrastination, losing focus, and lures of laying on the couch. Working from home requires a keen balance between work and personal life. If you work too hard, you will not have a personal life. If you work too little, you will not meet your bills.

So how do you stay productive and at the same time achieve work-life balance? Let’s have a look at what to do;

Designate a specific workspace

Having a specific workspace is important to help you stay focused. It is a spot in your home where you “go to work”. It will result in less distraction and a deeper focus. If you have an official office at home, it will be ideal for promoting your productivity. Make the best out of the available resources and avoid working in your bedroom.


Take frequent breaks

Sun and fresh air are very important for your productivity and rejuvenation. Regular exercise will add important elements to your health. It doesn’t have to be complex exercises, but as simple as walking. Short breaks between work will also increase your mental clarity and overall productivity.


Keep regular hours

Keeping regular hours can be a challenge to many, but is a sure way to ensure you are productive. You should not let transition from office to your home stop you from keeping a strict schedule. Set a time table for your work that breaks down how your day should be. Avoid activities such as watching movies and playing video games that may erode your productivity.


Establish a morning routine

You need to create and maintain a morning routine. By simply keeping regular hours, having a morning routine will help you have a more productive workday. Create a routine for your morning that you repeat each day and see how it will have a positive effect on your work life and mindset. Many successful people attribute their financial and personal success to a strict morning routine, so it is a great way to start today.


Keep social life active

Socializing is as important as working, be it working in an office or remotely.  Disconnection, isolation, and loneliness can be a bad recipe for your health and lead you in less productivity. While working from home, you can keep yourself connected to family and friends through Skype, Zoom, and social media. Always take time to refresh and catch up with others.


Customize your environment

We may not be able to control where we work, but we can control how the workplace looks like. Personalizing your workplace can be fun and gives you a unique place that is good for your mental health, motivation, and productivity. You can include scented candles, photos, art, plant – whatever makes you excited. You can also include custom chairs, desktops, audio setup, and electronics. A customized environment will help you feel comfortable, motivated, and focused throughout the day.